Convert HTML to PDF

Is it achievable to convert a HTML page to PDF utilizing c#, and also if therefore, just how can it be actually performed?

Else, if you intend to convert an HTML page to PDF using PHP, you’ll find a little bit of problem outta listed here. For 3 years I’ve been actually trying to carry out it as most effectively as I can.

If you want to create a pdf coming from php, pdflib will certainly assist you (as some others suggested).

And also the HTML output would certainly need to be turned to PDF.

The options I know are actually:

DOMPDF: php lesson that wraps the html and also builds the pdf. Functions excellent, adjustable (if you understand php), based on pdflib, if I keep in mind right it takes even some CSS. Trouble: decrease when the html allows or complex.

HTML2PS: like DOMPDF, however this one transforms to begin with to (ghostscript) documents, then, to whatever format you require (pdf, jpg, png). For me is actually bit much better than dompdf, however has the exact same rate complication. Much better compatibility along with CSS.

Those pair of are actually php lessons, but if you can put in some software program on the server, as well as gain access to it throught passthru() or device(), offer a seek to these too:

wkhtmltopdf: based upon webkit (safari’s cover), is definitely fast and also powerful. looks like this is actually the greatest one (atm) for turning html pages to pdf on the fly; taking just 2 secs for a 3 page xHTML document with CSS2. It is a current venture, anyway, the google.code page is usually updated.

I am actually changing a team of HTML submits to PDF in C#. Wkhtmltopdf got the job done perfectly, today I need to incorporate a link to a site in another pdf and wkhtmltopdf does not appear to be able to accomplish that.

I propose another link with some comparison: WEB LINK That is actually where i review wkhtmltopdf. offer a read to all the remarks also, many others method are there

I need the converter to assist CSS 3, so I assume the method to go would certainly be to first convert the HTML to PDF with wkhtmltopdf and afterwards make use of a collection to modify the PDF to fix the links.

htmldoc: This one is a tank, it never definitely stops/crashes. the project looks lifeless because 2007, but anyway if you do not need to have CSS being compatible this can be good for you.

it is actually not browser-level quality as well as possesses problems with css, but it operates all right for simple message documents.

I presume the only means to possess an accurated conversion is actually utilizing a web browser wrapper becose, for interpretation, are going to always be actually the better html audience.

There are actually off-the rack options that you may obtain that’ll approve an HTML input and also convert eh declare you.

I am looking to utilize HtmlRenderer to convert an HTML documents to a PDF documents. I have observed it being mentioned on many websites that it is possible. Nonetheless, I do not seem to be capable to discover any type of general example code to carry out this.

There is also an usual PDFLib that you can easily use to produce your PDF’s utilizing PHP however it needs you to generate them manually by preparing all the aspects on the page.

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